Wealth Management

We believe you should have complete liquidity and flexibility when it comes to your investment portfolio. That is why we charge no up front commissions, no redemption fees, and no switch fees. We are compensated by way of an advisory fee which is built into the rate of return you earn. We have a vested interest to make sure your investments perform. Our independence allows us to seek out and recommend the very best asset managers not only here in Canada but globally as well.

Our methodology when choosing portfolio managers is centered around four principals:

Philosophy – What are the beliefs and corporate culture of the investment firm? What is the style of investment management?

Process – How is this philosophy implemented? We look for managers where the investment process is well defined and repeatable in varying market conditions.

People – Do we feel comfortable with the people in the organization, their qualifications and experience?

Performance – Many would think that performance would be the most important criteria when choosing a money manager, but nothing could be further from the truth. We look for portfolio managers who consistently deliver above average returns over many different market cycles. We pay very close attention to how much risk is taken to achieve these results.